“I don’t want to be alone!”

Following is a sad, sad story.

The woman it is about has nobody to blame but herself, of course. And I don’t really feel bad for her dumb decisions. Frankly, she made her bed and now she’s sleeping in it (completely alone).

But, there’s a lesson in here for men.

And, it piggy back’s off yesterday’s email.

Anyway, a while back a successful career woman, 42, with her own home and all the trappings of success and material gains… wrote a long article about the man she was married to and, 8 years later, dumped because she thought she’d find something “better” out there for her.

It’s a common story.

And, it happens ALL the time.

Especially as women climb the corporate ladder.

She has “everything.”

But, she also likely to be totally alone.

Totally miserable.

And totally regretful turning away good men.

Her ex-husband went and found a new wife and had kids, while the 42 year old “cat lady” (as we’ll call her) mourns over the fact she will never have a family, never find a guy of the caliber of the one she divorced, and, never really feel complete, her purpose on earth for having children and a family gone.

Like I said, I don’t feel bad for her at all.

These chicks have it coming.

We’re ALL accountable to our mistakes.

But, here’s the kicker.

And it is something every man should study.

(Hell… tape it on your wall.)

You see, one of the quotes from the article giving advice to younger women who are tempted to throw away a good guy who takes care of them is this:

“Don’t mistake contentment for unhappiness.”

I’m going to cover this in another email in more detail.

But for now, realize this:

Women are NOT content being happy.

Frankly, they are unable to achieve happiness.

Reason why is their emotions are always changing.

That’s why one day they will love you and want to have your babies… and the next they are saying it’s not “working” anymore and they’re throwing their profile back up online hoping to see if anything “better” is out there.

This is why most men fail with American women.

These chicks have no self control over that instinct to trade up.

It’s the same kind of instinct you have for wanting to have sex with lots of younger and hotter women.

The difference?

Women are bombarded with options.

Any woman can get laid at any time.

Most men cannot.

We have to work at it, talk our way into it, and show the absolute best of ourselves, while all they have to do is look pretty and they can have sex (it may not be with the right guy they really want or are attracted to, but they can get laid just by walking into a bar and taking a drunken man home — and some do).

How does this help you?

Because now you know what you’re up against.

You have to constantly be “on.”

It’s like a job.

And, yes, it’s work.

But we (at the moment, at least) live in a day and age where we all have it pretty easy as far as being able to find food and live with a roof over our heads. Two hundred years ago this was not the case and women needed a man — and her “fix” for not wanting to be content was taken care of by day-to-day living. A man didn’t have to constantly pimp his woman to keep her loyal and chaste and out of the bed of the local cad.

But those days are done.

They WILL come back.

(The economy cannot last like this regardless.)

But until then, you have to know how to deal with this.

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Dante Dylan

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