Ancient Biological
"Attraction Triggers"
Used By History's Greatest Seducers
Let Almost Any Man Date Hot, Sexy Women -- Regardless Of Your Looks, Weight, Age, Or Income

Dear Friend,

       If you'd like to be a man who beautiful women can't resist being attracted to... no matter what you look like or how much money you make, then this letter will show you how. 

       A new eBook has just been published called:

"Date 'em Like You Hate 'em"
How to keep your balls and have a fulfilling love life
in today's cutthroat dating world

       And it reveals dozens of ways to have women (including a woman you've just met, a steady girlfriend or a wife who's gone "cold" on you) irresistibly drawn to you and eager to please you... simply by tapping into their natural biological "attraction triggers" women can't help succumbing to.

       However, this eBook is extremely controversial.

       And, it's not for the weak minded or "politically correct."

       To help decide if it's for you, here are some secrets inside:
  • How to manipulate a woman's menstrual cycle to get her so attracted to you... she won't be able to help but love you and fantasize about you. (This is admittedly a strange tactic, but it's proven by science and works. See pages 32-33)
  • A secret biological "hack" you can play on your body to start sending off scents designed to turn women on in your presence. (Scientists have known about this for years, but for some reason it's virtually unknown to 99% of men). Page 53
  • How to "ethically manipulate" a woman into being helplessly drawn to you. (If ALL you do is just this one, laughably simple thing, you will automatically stick out in a sea of dudes, and be more desirable to women. Best part: You can test this yourself right away with any woman you like or are dating. Frankly, they almost won't be able to help but be more attracted to you if you do this. Turn immediately to page 24 for the details.
  • A "ninja" way to use the infamous friend zone (when a woman tells you she "just wants to be friends") to make her MORE attracted to you! (Almost nobody understands how to do this, and those who do usually do it on accident.) Page 39
  • How to radiate confidence and value (2 things women LOVE and can't help but be attracted to) even if you have zero self esteem now. (Just follow the quote on page 26 and you'll look instantly confident even if you're scared of your own shadow now.)
  • 2 MORE ways to turn the friend zone to your advantage. (You'll look forward to being friend zoned -- because it can help you get better and hotter women than you would normally.) Pages 51-52
  • How to "rig" your texts and phone calls to get women you want to date pining for you and chasing after you. (This is how even obnoxious loser guys get sexy women falling in love with them and chasing them to kingdom come -- they simply use texts and phone calls as described on page 33.)
  • The ONLY 3 things you need to make women attracted to you. (And nope -- they have nothing to do with looks, money or being a smooth talker. See page 9.)
  • "Chick Crack": It can sometimes turn on women instantly -- even if they normally aren't attracted to you! (It's expensive, but 100% legal, and works like gangbusters for getting women wanting you.) Page 12
  • An instant attraction-killing mistake men make when sitting next to a woman that is nearly guaranteed to completely turn her off. (If you do this when talking to women -- STOP! It may work for dudes in romantic comedies and chick flicks, but in real life it makes you repulsive.) Page 21
  • A special "get out of trouble free card" that prompts women to forgive you for  mistakes you make -- now or in the future. (Believe it or not, this works even if you lay around like a bum all day... If you were beat with the "ugly stick"... Or if you get caught cheating. The author does not recommend doing these things. But the point is, women will rationalize loving you no matter what you do if you understand this secret principle routinely used by history's most devious cads and players.) Page 19
  • A curious "mystery phenomenon" that lets ugly, scummy, outright loser men effortlessly steal a typical handsome and successful nice guy’s girlfriend right out from under his nose.
       Let's take a quick "breather."

       This is extremely important to know.

       (Especially in today's hostile dating environment.)

       After you read about this phenomenon on page 11, you will understand why that jackass who deals drugs and lives in his mom’s basement was able to steal the “good” church-going girl from under your nose... Why all the money you make didn’t mean jack squat to that chick who now pines for a broke musician who’s screwing 10 other women on the side, and only calls her when he needs money... And, why women routinely dump “nice” and “dependable” and “kind” guys for the manipulative “jerks”, “assholes” and “douche bags” they swear they hate.

       But don't worry.

       This eBook shows you how to use their exact same tactics...

Without Betraying Your Values
Or Having To Become
A Complete Dick To Women.

       This powerful tip gets women chasing YOU.

       (Instead of you chasing them.)

       And, gives you complete peace of mind dating hot women. 

       Plus, it's perfect if you're a frustrated "nice guy" who women always pass up for bad boys who treat them like dirt.

       But that's not all, here are even more secrets you'll learn:
  • A clever (and very sneaky) way to "hijack" the sexual impulses of a woman's brain so she never even thinks about leaving or cheating on you. (Most men would say this sounds impossible, but it's real and you can see exactly how it works on page 32.)
  • Why money alone cannot make you attractive to women. (This is why safe, "apple pie" looking billionaires like Mark Zuckerburg aren't swimming in women wanting their affection... while ugly, dangerous billionaire drug kingpins are.) Page 17
  • A scientifically proven way (used by master seducers for centuries) to arrange it so a woman you date (1) Won't flake on you (2) Thinks about you constantly... and (3) Is helplessly attracted to you (regardless of your physical looks, age or financial status). Page 30
  • 5 "counter intuitive" things you must do if you want women to stay attracted to you in a long term relationship or marriage. (Most men do the exact opposite of these 5 things -- and, as a result, are usually the ones getting dumped and divorced. Turn to page 19 for the full story.)
  • How to instantly stick out like a glowing thumb from all the other guys to a woman you're talking to -- even if she's a perfect "10" who is hit on all day by men with more money and better looks. (Believe it or not, this is easy, and requires no talking, working or even getting up out of bed in the morning) Page 24
  • A secret way of using the Second Amendment (if you live in the US) to get women tingling at the mere thought of you. (Some guys will be afraid to do this, but if you do it, you can sometimes find women wanting to jump you even if they barely know you.) Page 11
  • Why you should never ask a woman you want out on a "date." (And the one thing you should do instead to ramp up her attraction for you through the roof). Page 23
  • A strange (but ingenious) way to make women want you, be less likely to flake on you and not even think of playing mind games with you. (This persuasion trick is not only responsible for billions of dollars in sales by savvy corporations... it's also responsible for certain ugly, fat, dead-end guys attracting a bounty of hot chicks "on demand." See page 25.)
  • How to "flip the script" and get women competing for YOUR time, attention and affection. (Instead of you competing with other men for theirs.) Page 27
  • The single best (and easiest) way ever invented to get women who go cold on you to thaw out and start chasing you down... practically begging for your attention. (Women who go cold and withdraw WANT you to do this on a biological level -- give them what they want and they'll reward you like you want.) Page 31
  • How to use your cell phone to get a woman to not flake, withhold affection or play inane hard-to-get mind games with you. (This trick works even if you don't turn your phone on!) Page 32
  • A bizarre "6th sense" EVERY woman possesses responsible for millions of break ups and divorces... and how to exploit it to get a woman to love and want you, and not even consider leaving you.
       Here's a fact:

       In today's cutthroat dating world there are 2 types of guys:
1. Sad sack guys who are alone and frustrated with women

2. Happy guys who are swimming in more women than they can handle who are competing for their time and attention
       The difference between the sad sacks and the happy guys?

       The happy guys understand this strange female 6th sense... and how to manipulate it (ethically) to get women to love them.

       This one secret is the key to the whole game.

       You can do everything else "right."

       Say all the perfect words.

       And look like George Clooney.

       But, if you don't know about this bizarre "quirk" of female nature, and how to use it to your advantage (which only about 10% of the male population in the West does) you're dead in the water.

       If she's even half way attractive she WILL leave you eventually.

       (Probably out of the blue, with you wondering what happened.)

       One day she'll be warm and loving... and the next:

She's Shacked Up With Some Thug...
And Is As Cold And Indifferent
To You As If You Had Never Even Met Before!

       It happens ALL the time.

       It's why the divorce rate is so high (with women initiating it over 70% of the time according to legal sources). And once she goes cold nothing you do or say will matter. Not buying her lots of expensive gifts, houses or vacations. And not even paying to put her through school, saving her life or having several beautiful children with her.

       And it's ALL because of this weird female "quirk."

       But, you won't have to worry about this.

       Instead, you'll know how to USE this treacherous side of her nature to keep her around for as long as you want. You'll be the only guy she even wants to date. And, you'll be able to keep her doing what you want like a puppet master -- pulling the right strings to keep her in to you, and canceling out her worst instincts.

       This is extremely powerful information.

       And men who "get" it never worry about women.

       Never are lacking for girlfriends.


Never Fear Being Dumped,
Cheated On Or Divorced.

       See page 15 for the full story.

       Hang on, we're still not done... here are even MORE tips inside:
  • How to "jimmy" your smart phone to get women going crazy during a date thinking you're too good for them, and working extra hard to impress you. (Believe it or not, this works especially well for geeks, dorks and nerds.) Page 52
  • Why helping your woman with the housework will NOT get you more sex -- no matter what the ivory tower relationship "experts" say. (In fact, helping around the house will ensure you get LESS sex.) Page 14
  • 10 words to say to any woman who plays hard to get that can "judo flip" her into wanting you. (Admittedly, this doesn't work all the time, but say these 10 words on page 39 and you may be shocked by what happens.)
  • How to make yourself look instantly more important and mysterious to women who normally wouldn't give you the time of day. (This secret was discovered by the author completely on accident while talking to a random girl one day -- but after he did this, everything he said to women suddenly had more weight, more importance, and more crackling sexual urgency. See how to do it on page 41.)
  • A cheap delicious drink that, if you have it the same day of a date, can make women FAR more attracted to you than they would be otherwise. (This is almost like injecting your face with "instant hotness.") Page 53
  • A secret technique that can practically force women to be more attracted to you... even if they don't want to be! (Do this and you could very well create a love for you so strong you won't be able to do any wrong by women you date.) Page 19
  • The exact amount of interest you must show in a woman to keep her constantly turned on and thinking about you. (Women crave the small handful of men who understand this secret -- and can't resist being turned on by it. See page 17).
  • A powerful "attraction cheat" discovered by a New York Times bestselling author that can make you up to 10 times more attractive to women than normal. (Merchandisers are always using this to get people to pay inflated prices for things like shoes, clothes and other commodities. But, it is especially powerful for attracting women.) Page 51
  • How to get free wardrobe advice from the world's highest paid fashion designers. (There's nothing a man can do to immediately make himself more attractive to women than simply dressing better. Here's how to "borrow" the best fashion advice for attracting women available... without paying a penny or having to tediously read any books, websites or magazines on the subject.) Page 53
  • What a small handful of multi-million dollar marketing pros know about attracting (and keeping) hot, gorgeous women not 1 in 1000 men ever will. (This powerful persuasion secret makes you almost like "catnip" to women.) Page 10
  • How to use an ordinary stalk of celery to sexually arouse women around you. (Sound impossible? Not at all -- it's real, backed by science and has even been written about in popular mainstream men's magazines. See page 54 for how it works.)
  • And a whole lot more...
       Bottom line?

       This short, easy-to-read eBook doesn't show you how to "pick up" women... it shows you how to make a few little "tweaks" to the way you think and act to make women want to come to you instead... while never even thinking of wanting to flake out, play hard-to-get games, or cheat on you when you date them.

       There is no memorizing of pick up lines necessary.

       No sacrificing your values or pretending to be someone you're not.


No Having To Even
Leave Your Comfort Zone.


       This eBook is only $19.

       And, it comes with an iron-clad "can't lose" guarantee:

       Download it today.

       (Even if it's 3 am.)

       It's short, and you can read it in one sitting.

       Then, apply the principles inside for the next 60 days. If at any time during those 60 days you don't think this is the best material you've ever read on how to get women chasing you (instead of you chasing them)... if you don't have a peace of mind with dating women you've never experienced before... if your friends don't beg you to tell them what your new "secret" for attracting hot women is... just let ClickBank know and they will refund your purchase.

       You do not need to call anyone.

       Nor do you need to talk to anyone.

       Just email ClickBank and they will take care of it -- with no quibbles or trying to "talk you out of it."


You Can Even Keep The eBook
Just For Your Trouble.

       That means there is no way you can possibly lose.

       It either works... or it's free.

       Finally, if you download your copy of this life-changing eBook today, you also get the following instantly downloadable 3 valuable bonuses 100% free.

       (Yours to keep -- even if you decide to ask for a refund...)

Free Bonus #1:
"The Dante Dylan Method
For Online Dating

       If you want to quickly and easily double (even triple) the number of dates you get from online dating sites... or even just get your first date... then this short (but powerful) bonus eBook will show you how.

       Some of the secrets inside include:
  • What you can do (today) to start giving off a powerful "vibe" women almost won't help being attracted to. (Yes, even online when they can't see, smell, hear or touch you in person.)
  • How to write a profile women almost won't be able to resist reading and responding to! (This is directly based on how world class copywriters who get paid millions of dollars per year write ads to "seduce" customers to buy -- and it works even BETTER on dating sites.)
  • How to "borrow" good looks and attractiveness from other people who are already successful with women for YOUR online profile.
  • How to use dating site emails to get women liking you (and maybe even pining for you)... without even meeting you.
  • A "counter-intuitive" way to get girls wanting you... even if they didn't really like you before.
  • A strange secret (discovered by neurologists) to get the upper hand on a girl who flakes or plays inane "hard to get" games.
  • The single best time to ignore a woman you meet online that you like if you want her to like you, think about you and chase you. (Instead of you chasing and pining for her.)
  • A simple, 10 second "adjustment" to make to your main dating site picture every 30 days that gets you the maximum amount of women looking at your profile.
  • How to make your pictures look attractive even if you're ugly. (And without using Photoshop or "fooling" women in any way, shape or form.)
  • And a whole lot more...
Free Bonus #2:
"The 7-Day Sex Drive Fix"
How to Get Your Mojo Back FAST,
Even If Everything Else You Tried Has Failed

       If you want to naturally recharge a limp, flaccid sex drive (or just crank your current sex drive through the roof) in as little as 7 days... without prescription drugs or doing anything complicated... then this short eBook will show you how.

       Here are some of the tips inside:
  • A secret way to use an ordinary egg to get back that rock hard erection you had as a teenager. (Don't be shocked if you awaken the next day feeling like there's a "lead pipe" between your legs.)
  • How to stop your body from turning testosterone into libido-killing estrogen. (Lots of men have WAY too much estrogen in their bodies -- keeping their erections soft and even limp. Here's one solution that can work fairly quickly and without needing a prescription.)
  • The best kind of doctor to visit if you have low sex drive. (And nope, it ain't a urologist!)
  • How to stop giving off pheromones that turn women off. (Millions of men are doing this without even realizing it -- here's how to put a stop to it right away, and, at the same time, recharge your libido through the roof!)
  • A little-known way to use olive oil to "lube up" your sex drive. (Including which exact kind of olive oil to take, and how to take it.)
  • The exact amount of wine to drink before having sex that can let you "recover" within mere minutes and have sex again... and again... all night long. (This eBook shows you the kind of wine to drink and the precise amount -- too much or too little and this secret won't work.)
  • A non-prescription pill that is not only great for your cardiovascular system... but can increase your testosterone levels AND possibly slow down thinning hair. (No guarantees on the balding part, but it has helped men recharge dying sex drives.)
  • And more...
Free Bonus #3:
"How To Get Almost Instant Obedience
From Your Woman

       This short eBook will show you how to get the kind of obedience from a woman that has her wanting to follow your lead, please you, and help you achieve your goals as your "helpmate" - without any of the nagging, whining, sexual blackmail or usual female "drama queen" nonsense.

       Here are some of the secrets inside:
  • A secret way to get your woman to feel an almost irresistible desire to comply with your wishes. (This is a bit "unorthodox," but is completely legal, ethical and safe. It is also used by master negotiators in business to get others to do as they want. Here's what to do.)
  • How to make even the most stubborn woman bend to your will without argument or drama. (Works especially well if she nags, threatens to withhold sex or tried to make a loud scene in public to get her way.)
  • The one word you must NEVER say to your woman. (At least, if you want to keep her happy, eager to please you and anxious to obey your every command.)
  • Why helping her with the housework will NOT get you more sex -- no matter what the ivory tower relationship skirts say. (In fact, helping around the house will ensure you get less sex! Here's why.)
  • What to do when your woman misbehaves in public (and tries to embarrass you or pressure you into doing what she wants).
  • Why women don't really want a "white knight" who puts them on a pedestal and worships the ground they walk on. (And what they really want instead!)
  • Why nice guys DO finish last (and are often dumped, cheated on or divorced).
  • The fastest way humanly possible to strengthen a dying relationship. (Even if you're on the verge of getting dumped!)
  • How any man can establish dominance and authority in a relationship almost overnight. (Even if you've spent the last several years giving in to her every estrogen-laced whim!)
  • And much, much more.
       Again, these 3 bonus eBooks are yours to KEEP, no matter what.

       But time is short, and this offer could end at any time.

       (Maybe even by tonight...)

       So access everything today while you still can here:

P.S. Don't let the title of this eBook fool you.

Despite its name, it is not about literally "hating" anyone.

It’s about dating women like you hate them, not actually hating them.

That means "hate" NOT in the sense of abuse (physical or otherwise). But in the sense you will be asked to do practically the exact opposite of what you’re hearing in the feminist media (especially Hollywood) and from your mom, your female friends and day time talk shows. You will also be able to weed out the low class jackass women, and spend your valuable time only with the quality, classy women who won't be disgusted with you simply because you don't want to treat them like garbage. (A common characteristic of attractive women in the US and other western countries these days -- which is why so many of them endlessly chase assholes while complaining about there being no "good guys" left).

To white knights and feminists, it will look like you "hate" women.

But in reality, this eBook shows you exactly what women love.

What women respect.

And, quite frankly...

What Women
Need From You.

So don't let the title scare you.

Yes, it IS controversial.

And feminists and weak men will blast it as misogynist, sexist and evil (all the usual shaming words in their outdated playbook -- even as good, decent nice guys keep taking their advice and keep getting dumped, hurt and taken advantage of).

The info inside this short eBook works.

It makes for happy men AND women.

And, it can build healthy, long lasting relationships.

You can prove it to yourself, without any risk (again, you can keep the eBook even if you ask for a refund) by clicking the link below

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