The myth of “the one

This shocks some people.

Especially with mass relentless marketing by dating websites, the culture, women and even certain churches.

But, there is no “the one” for you out there.

No such thing as soul mates.

There are only good ones and bad ones.

Unfortunately, until there is a major culture change (like a society-changing economic crash, for example) there will probably be lots more bad ones than good ones out there in the western countries (not so in many other countries, btw).

So even if there was a “one” it’d be hard to find her.

I find this whole “the one” mindset dangerous.

To both men AND women.

Think about it:

That’s a lot of pressure to put on her.

Or for her to put on you.

The reality is, we’re all flawed.

Nobody is perfect.

And, thus, you have all these women divorcing perfectly good guys for the most inane reasons, ruining both their lives and the lives of any children they have in the process, just because she doesn’t feeeeeeel it anymore.

And no, I’m not letting dudes off the hook here either.

If they acted properly, she wouldn’t have wanted to leave.

And that’s the point:

You have to know how women really like to be treated.

How to react to their testing of your manhood.

(They do that often, without malice.)

And, how to be attractive to them, even during the bad times or when your relationships are tested.

Fathers used to teach sons this.

Mothers used to teach it to their daughters.


Nobody knows what’s going on.

Perfectly good relationships are one bad mood or argument away from ending, and rendering both parties wondering why they let it happen 20 years later while sitting alone in a chair some night.

This is important stuff.

There’s a lot of guys in pain.

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Dante Dylan

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