When chicks go cold

Sometimes… chicks go cold.

And when that happens, there is nothing you can do about it other than to move on with your life and improve yourself as a man. No reason to hate on her or anything, it’s in her nature to go cold under certain circumstances and once that happens ain’t nothing you can do to warm her back up.

But, sometimes they don’t just go cold.

Sometimes… they get nasty.

But, it’s not malicious.

It’s just the way women are.

For example:

I knew of this dude who was going with a girl and fell hard for her. They were happy for a while, until he started buying her expensive gifts. One of which was some high end perfume — which she never wore for him the entire time they were together.

Anyway, long story short…

Eventually, she dumped him.

And it was for a thuggish kinda loser, too.

But here was the kicker:

One day this dude was walking by and couldn’t avoid running into them as they were kissing and giggling in the corner. And what drove this dude crazy was when he smelled that very perfume (that he bought for her!) on her that she was now wearing for the guy (but never wore for him).

Like I said:


But, again, it’s usually not malicious.

This is just in a woman’s nature.

The lesser quality women (80% of attractive or even semi attractive American women in my estimation) don’t control this part of their nature.

This is why you have to weed women out.

Don’t waste ANY time on the 80%.

Just date ’em, see if they’re worthy of you, and decide.

If they’re low class, then hit the bricks.

Find a classy one.

They’re out there.

And, when you find one, you’ll know it.

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Dante Dylan

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