How to cure your oneitis

Oneitis Cure

You know what “oneitis” is?

It’s when you fall for a chick and that’s the ONLY girl you want, think about and want to be with.

It can be fun for a while.

But, in most cases, leads to being dumped.

With you being reduced to a sad sac for months (or even years if your oneitis is especially bad…), unable to summon the desire to even bother going after another woman, and desperately hoping, longing and even praying your “one” changes her mind and comes back.

That ever happen to you?

If you’re a typical nice guy it probably has.

And, more than once.

Hey, it’s happened to ALL of us.

As comedian Dante Nero says:

“Everyone gets got.”

What’s important is how to get past it as fast as possible.

I’ve got a trick for this.

The medicine tastes like ass, of course.

(The most effective medicines often do, yeah?)

But if you take this “medicine”, I think you will find your oneitis fading away in days and weeks instead of months and years (although it probably won’t happen overnight, most medicine takes time to work, after all).

Cure For Oneitis?

How To Cure Oneitis

Anyway, here’s the medicine.

Open up and take it like a man:

What you do is really just let her go.

And you do that by assuming (it is now a FACT as far as you are concerned) she is having hot, passionate sex with another man every time you think about her, doing all kinds of nasty stuff with him in bed she would never let you do… her entire body quivering for this other dude.

I told you the medicine tastes bad.

But if you do this, here’s what happens:

You finally can move on.

You can accept that you lost.

And that her heart is now closed to you.

Again, it doesn’t matter if she is or isn’t having sex with anyone or even is dating. You have to do complete radio silence, never contact her again, and move on to the next woman.

Oneitis Cure

Even better:

Date LOTS of women.

As in 5-10 others.

This will not only get you over your oneitis even faster, but it’ll make you more attractive to other women naturally — which I talk about in depth in “Date ’em Like You Hate ’em”.

The dating game doesn’t have to be hard.

Nor does it have to be painful.

Make it easy on yourself.

Life is short, why waste it pining for cold women?

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Dante Dylan

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