Dante Dylan is a former nice guy turned jerk.

Like most nice guys, he was raised by a single mother and bought into all the feminist propaganda about treating women like princesses, putting them on pedestals and buying them gifts… only to watch those same women put him in the “friend zone” while chasing after jerks and losers. And after dozens of heart breaks, a failed marriage and seeing women he loved fall head over heels for one loser after another he decided he had enough.

So, he decided to do an “experiment.”

What he did was, he did the exact OPPOSITE of what the media, his female friends and the Hollywood romance movies said to do to land a nice, beautiful woman.

The result?

He started getting dates with more women than he could handle.

Hot women started chasing him, instead of him chasing them.

And, he rarely spent any money on them.

After months of dissecting what it is about jerks and losers hot women like… he figured out a way to take the traits women love without selling out his ethics and principles and treating women like garbage.

He put his new “formula” into a book called:

“Date ’em Like You Hate ’em”

But, don’t let the title scare you.

It means “hate” NOT in the sense of abuse (physical or otherwise).

But in the sense you do practically the exact opposite of what you’re hearing in the feminist media and from your mom, female friends and day time talk shows telling you to supplicate and appease a woman’s every desire and changing mood swing.

The result is even so-called “ugly” guys being able to attract women.

Always keeping your self respect and dignity.

And, practically ensuring a woman never even thinks to spurn you, take you for granted or dump you when a manipulative bad boy comes along and gives her tingles at the thought of all the drama and emotional highs and thrills he can provide. (Even as she does her best to tell herself and you she “doesn’t go for guys like that” — despite her past being littered with flings, relationships and one night stands with such men.)

As Dante says:

“This isn’t about ‘picking up’ women. It’s about attracting them into your life by using the jerk traits women love in men. And, when you eventually do find a woman worthy (yes… WORTHY…) of your time, affection and resources, the result will be, paradoxically, a love for you so deep you will wonder if you can do any wrong by her.”