Women are not “evil”

Someone wrote me an email saying after reading my emails he thought all women are “evil.”

I told him that was patently false.

Chicks are NOT evil.

Frankly, I don’t know how much more clear I can be about this:

They are just doing what’s in their nature.

Frankly, it’s a God-given defense mechanism.

This is why I don’t like when men live with a bunch of harbored anger over being dumped or even cheated on. I’m not saying she’s innocent, but there’s a reason behind her insane actions that are not based in malice.

It’s YOUR job, as a man, to keep her in line.

To make it so she only wants to please you.

And, to bring peace to the relationship.

Women cannot find peace on their own.

Nor can they be happy long term.

They need a man — a rock, unwavering and stable — to keep them anchored and content. The problem is most men are weak and wobbly and, thus, not attractive to women at all.

So no, women are NOT evil.

They are simply women.

And the next time you get angry at a woman for flaking on you, dumping you, cheating on you or doing any other nasty cruel thing to you, remember this comment I read in a blog online:

“She’s not an evil girl,
it’s just that she’s a girl
and she couldn’t help it.”

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Dante Dylan

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